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You are about to embark on a perilous and epic journey into the empty void of the night sky. Most people of the worlds are merely content to look up into this stillness, oblivious to it’s workings, seeking the signs of their gods slowly rotating around their world, never giving a second thought to what things are really like up there. You are not such a person. For whatever reason, whether born into a life among the stars, thrust into the void by unhappy circumstance or intricate design, you have come to make you life in the black. The sky is no-one’s, but maybe, just maybe, you can carve a place for yourself out beyond the stars.

Changes from the Original Setting

Most ships use elemental sails or some form of basic propulsion for travel, even in the phologiston. Spelljammer helms are reserved for larger and more professional vessels, are used as part of a ritual available at low levels to all ritual casters and are generally less expensive. Intrepid individuals have been known to traverse the stars in 30ft Pinnaces, but such a journey is not for the faint of heart and requires a special means of retaining air supply. This has been done to reduce dependency on spellcasters and “magic shops”, given the rarity of both in the 5th edition setting. This also reduces the expense and increases the usefulness of smaller vessels.

Religions have been re-worked to better fit 5th edition, with a few newer religions added to provide better domain coverage.

Naval combat mechanics have been re-built to better fit 5th edition mechanics and conceits and are generally simplified. Ship upgrades and classes have been adjusted accordingly.

5th edition species have been integrated. 2nd edition species have either been re-created or discarded.

New map, with most parts unexplored. Standard locations like Krynnspace, Greyspace and Realmspace, and the Andromedi Cluster still exist as do many major phlogiston flows, but outlying spheres may be different, and the initial setting location is unique to this campaign

Where to Begin?

Main Page

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