City of Cuzco

The City of Cuzco is a large city of about 100,000 people orbiting around the star Initi (Sun) in Pachaspace between the orbits of Kay and Cocomama. It is not only the largest city in the sphere, it has a higher population than several of the sphere’s planets, and is easily the largest port on the The Rainbowflow. It is the capital city of the Carayku Empire and includes the imperial palace. It and it’s surrounding territory is built on a series of large asteroids that were some of the debris from when Mamapacha smashed into Kay, connected together by thick iron bars. It includes two large spelljammer drydocks that can accomodate up to 90 ships total. The larger dock, the Imperial Dock, accomodates 60 of those and is not open to foreign vessels. Despite it’s splendor, the foreign dock is rarely above half capacity on any given day, though the Imperial Dock is generally quite full, albeit mostly with smaller ships.

History and Geography

The City of Cuzco was founded by the Silver-dragon turned God Mano-Capac. During the 700 or so years since the first ground was struck, it has been under constant expansion, first to the four large asteroids that became the main city, then to some of the surrounding asteroids nobles hooked up to the city. The city proper is only considered to encompass these four original asteroids, but at least 5 others have been spilled into as sub-urbs.

Thanks to the excellent engineering of Capac and the dwarves, as well as elven agricultural secrets, the city’s population boomed initially, though it’s growth began to slow about 250 years ago as more people moved to the planets of the Empire. Increasingly, it’s population has become more and more made of foreigners, especially when Empress Illayuq Waterspirit the Trader created the foreign quarter, as well as the other three districts, in year 478 of the Empire to encourage interstellar trade and implement imperial land reform.


The City Cuzco is most directly ruled by the Lord Mayor of Cuzco, quite possibly the only major Dragonborn noble that owes loyalty to no house. The Lord Mayor reports directly to the Empress, who also holds the title of Countess of Cuzco. Each of the districts except the Imperial Quarter is controlled by a Grand Burgher, as well as a series of minor Burghers who have functionary roles, usually tax and rent collection for a certain neighborhood, who are all vassals of the Lord Mayor. The Burgher’s positions are more tenuous than most nobles, as they are not hereditary nor do they hold them for life, though by tradition a Burgher recommends a successor to the Lord Mayor. The Imperial Quarter is ruled by the Empress’ Chief of Staff and all functionaries are appointed.

More powerful than many Burghers are the Guildmasters, the only elected officials in all of the Empire. Most guilds have their headquarters somewhere in the city, and generally have the patronage of a noble somewhere within the county of Cuzco rather than on one of the planets. A few of the more important or state created ones have the direct patronage of the Lord Mayor or even the Empress herself. While patronage is a tenuous relationship, for many of these guilds local nobles are clamoring over each other to be able to patronize them, and so the guilds have an unusual degree of autonomy and influence.

Many of the city services, particularly utilities, are conducted by magistrates who answer directly to the palace, though they tend to be under the supervision of the Lord Mayors’ Burghers. The purpose of this is to ensure that an unscrupulous Lord Mayor never subverts essential city services, like air generation sewage or water, without which the city would collapse.

City of Cuzco

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