Pachaspace, known to it’s natives as Hanan Pacha, is a minor sphere in a minor channel just off the Greyflow between Realmspace and Greyspace, slightly closer to Greyspace. It is occasionally used by those traveling the Greyflow as an air depot when the distance between Greyspace and Realmspace grows long. The most distinct feature of Pachaspace is how sparsely populated it is for a natively inhabited system. This is mostly due to the Dracholich War against Ayarpay Yanasuchuq Uma and the utter devastation of it’s most habitable planet Kay. It’s relative obscurity saved it from the worst of the Unhuman War, though it’s strategic position and sparse population has made it a target for a a few minor colonies. It’s lack of infrastructure causes it to be largely ignored as a military base, though navies patrolling the Greyflow are known to make deals with the local powers during times of mobilization.

System Description

Hanan Pacha is a standard system with 6 planets, 11 moons and a firey sun in the middle.

Sun: Inti, a size A fire Body

Pacha A: Mamaqucha, a size E water nebula with 7 moons
Pacha A 1: a size B earth belt
Pacha A 2: Pachacamac, a size D, flat fire world
Pacha A 3: a size B, air belt
Pacha A 4: Chasca, a size A, flat fire world
Pacha A 5: Catequil a size D, spherical water world
Pacha A 6: Piguero a size C, spherical earth world
Pacha A 7: Ramac a size C, spherical earth world

Pacha B: Kay, a size E flat earth world with 2 moons
Pacha B 1: Mamaquilla, a size D spherical earth moon
Pacha B 2: Mamapacha, a shattered size C spherical earth moon

Pacha C: Cocomama, a size E spherical earth world with a fire ring and 1 moon
Pacha C 1 Ekkekko, a size A cubic earth world

Pacha D: Al-Apaec, a size E, spherical earth world
Pacha D 1: Copacati, a size C, spherical water world

Pacha E: Viracocha, a size D, spherical water world with a cluster of asteroids around it

Pacha F: Khuno, a size D, spherical earth world that is totally frozen

Places of Interest

  • Cuzco: an orbiting city between Kay and Cocomama, capital of the Carayku Empire
  • The Shining Band: A brilliant comet on the edge of the system.

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