The Cuzco Adventurers Guild

The Cuzco Adventurer’s Guild is a loosely organized, but none-the-less officially sanctioned guild in the Carayku Empire. The guild is run out of the Laughing Llama Inn, in the Foreign Quarter right off of the docks, and has a presence in most major ports of call in Pachaspace, and a few of the really big ones in Realmspace and Greyspace, though usually it’s a few standing rooms at existing inns in those places. Guild members, and especially nobles and those being patronized by the guild, can expect free room and board at the Laughing Llama, though only in modest conditions and, on popular nights, they might be forced to sleep in the bunkhouse.

The guild is the sole proprietor of Adventuring Licenses in Pachaspace, which are needed to legally accept sole-contractor or party-contractor mercenary work in the sphere, though enforcement is lenient in that regard, and which are absolutely needed to be able to go dungeon delving without being arrested for tomb-raiding if caught. While licenses are not strictly necessary for adventuring, the benefits of the guild: a place to sleep, food, at-cost purchase of used adventuring gear, free gear storage, free standby transportation for any local shipping line and even access to a few well-used spelljammers for established members, make it quite worthwhile, especially since non-patronized members are charged only a nominal fee of 3 gold a year to join. It also makes the inn a good place to find work, even for non-citizens, and there is a bulletin board listing outstanding bounties, rewards and job offers.

The catch is that the guild is also a collection agency for the much despised Hoard tax, and it’s services are partly funded by this tax. Guild members are required to give a strict accounting of their plunder and fees from licensed adventuring work (the guild will even provide accounting and tax services to aid with this process) and then can pay whatever taxes they owe, from taxes to their patron, the empire, the tithe and, of course, the hoard tax, right there are the inn or at one of the other guild affiliated inns throughout the sphere. The guild was founded by the Empire almost entirely to make sure adventurers, who are notoriously absent-minded when it comes to paying taxes, have as many incentives as possible to give the Empire it’s due.

The current Guildmaster is an old Hobgoblin named Madame Knal who made her fortune raiding old tombs on Kay. She is relatively good natured, for a Hobgoblin, and runs the Laughing Llama Inn in addition to running the guild. She claims she once found a tunnel to Urkhu in the deserted mountains of Kay, but has forgotten it’s location and has no proof of the journey.

The Cuzco Adventurers Guild

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