Name: Kay
Body: Planet
Type: Flat Earth
Revolves Around: Inti
Revolution: Clockwise
Orbital Radius:
Orbital Period: 1 year
Spin: W→E
Day Length 24 hours
Color: grey and brown, mountainous central continent surrounded by evaporated ocean, with a massive crater near the former shore of the central continent.
Diameter: 8,700 Miles

Kay was once the most inhabited world in Pachaspace, at least before the rise of Ayarpay and the dracolich war. Now it is a a desolate, ash-choked wasteland where no rain falls and no plants will grow above ground, dotted with the mostly looted and half-buried ruins of the once proud civilizations of men, dwarves, elves and gnomes. A biting and cold wind blows across the empty landscape, where not even the undead will walk.

There is one settlement on Kay, an Elven fortress named Evermor (Deathwatch) which is sustained on imported water and the careful horticulture of the elves. It is built directly into the crater where Mamapacha, both goddess and moon, plunged into Kay, sacrificing herself to destroy Ayarpay. The elves watch here for the prophesied end of the blight, when life may return to Kay.

Deep underneath Kay is Ukhu, a labyrinth of caverns where many creatures are supposed to live, including Dark Elves rumored to have allied themselves with Ayarpay rather than face the annihilation that drove most of their brethren to seek aid on the surface. Deep in the center of this underdark is rumored to be a portal to hades, where Supay is said to dwell. All entry points to Ukhu are said to have been sealed during the cataclysm, but it is possible a few small outlets may exist, particularly on the underside of the world, which has no atmosphere. The occasional Drow raid against Kay’s nearest celestial neighbors by unidentified Dark Elves suggests there may be a way in large enough to accommodate a Spelljammer, but if so, none have ever returned to tell of it.

Orbiting Bodies


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